November 13, 2012

Dancing Sober

Went to a wedding and didn't drink. HA! That used to be abnormal for me! Weddings are the best reason to get obliterated, free booze and a celebration, what could be better! And of course who has the courage to dance at a wedding? Oh I did, liquid courage!

So here I was at a wedding. Sober. Feeling good, happy. Though there was a long period during the meal that I had a hard time with the smell of wine in the air. But I just went outside for a bit. Overall I felt pretty confident and ready to dance.

Alcohol is no longer my social buffer and that is totally amazing, because I used to not be able to do anything without alcohol, definitely not dance. But I had to learn, I had to find that courage, to do things that felt uncomfortable, that made me feel uneasy, the same things that I used to need a drink to do. I had to practice doing things that made me feel uncomfortable. Now I find that without alcohol, I actually have more confidence and courage. I find that I am the same crazy dancing person I was when I was drinking! And I know that I don't need alcohol any more. I can do anything sober!

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