July 12, 2013


I have an interesting/funny little story to tell, and I am sure it's only interesting because I am an alcoholic! Lol! Normal people would have probably thought nothing of it!

So, yesterday, I was stuck in a metro train station for about 2 hours because two trains had broken down. The metro is our city's subway system which is riddled with constant issues. So to say the least this wasn't new to me or many other riders. As the time slipped away and there was no other way to get home but wait till the issue was fixed, I sat on the station platform along with - now - hundreds of people. Next to me was a woman, wearing a pant suit and typing on her phone. She asked me how long I have been waiting and that sparked a conversation about our mutual dislike of the metro, the situation and the fact that there was no other way to get home. We whined and laughed at the same time, and the time seemed to be a bit more enjoyable. We also found that we lived in the same city and needed to take the same train and bus to get home.

At one point the station manager announced that it would be another hour before the trains start running again and that we are better off going to have dinner and coming back. The lady suddenly looked at me with excitement - LET'S GO TO A BAR! She exclaimed.

I ignored her by saying something totally off topic, but I surely heard her loud and clear. LOUD and CLEAR! She obviously thought that I didn't hear her because she said it again, except this time it was a direct question - Do you want to go to a bar? - she asked. I quickly answered with - Oh, no, thank you, but I am trying to get home to my kids. - With a big smile on her face she started asking about my kids and telling me about her nieces and nephews and such. And that was it.

But, boy, I can't stop thinking about it. Why, well I am not sure. I guess it seems like a weird coincidence. And I find it interesting that a stranger asked me to go to a bar with her. And I am surprised that she didn't have some crazy reaction when I said no. And I am surprised, that I again had that feeling, although very lite, that feeling, PARTY! - YES, I still felt like that would have been great fun! Lol!

But then actually going thru the scenarios, like I like to do, this is what would have most likely happened:
  1. If I was a normal drinker, I would have mostly likely still said no, since I would have found it kind of weird to go to a bar with a stranger - I am not that trusting of people. Lol!
  2. If I was still drinking, I would have most definitely said YES and then probably drank way too much and probably would have been in a blackout and at total mercy of a stranger, who would have needed to, if she even chose to, take care of me and somehow figure out how to get me home - yes this has happened before and miraculously, I somehow ended up home safely, at least to my best recollection, because I don't remember.
I like going thru my scenarios, it's a great tool to stay sober! When I look back on how it REALLY was, it just doesn't seem so fun anymore! And well, I am gonna take this little happening as a nice reminder that I am still an alcoholic! Lol!


  1. Ha, this is great! I would have been at the bar too. Or most likely, I would have been the lady saying, "let's go to the bar!"

    I run those scenarios forward in my head too (playing the tape forward), and it definitely helps me stay sober. I was extremely lucky in my past, even though I did some really stupid stuff, so I know I kind of used up all of my "second chances."

    Hope you've been doing well, xx,

    1. Hi Christy! I know what you mean, I don't think I have any second, or third or tenth chances either. I used to dread those memories, but now they keep me sober! Hope you're doing we'll too! Thanks for stopping by :)

    2. That's a great point about those memories helping to keep us sober now. They're great motivation, because I never ever want to go back.

      I'm happily subbing by email now, yay! A lot of folks know that I don't get to comment very often on the Blogger sites. I use my iPhone 90% of the time, and it won't let me comment on the Blogger platform, but I'm always reading and try to comment when I can.

      I'm really happy for you in your sobriety, Maggie, you're doing wonderfully!

    3. Thanks Christy! I really appreciate the support! :)

  2. Funny - I was the type of guy who kept a mickey or something with me...I brought the bar with me wherever I went!

    But glad you navigated your way through that one. I wonder if your HP brought that woman to you to remind you of that. A little God shot...lol


    1. God shot! yep I think so! Thanks Paul :)


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