June 14, 2013

It's Good To Be Sober

Strangely enough almost any situation in life reminds me of how good it is to be sober. Like today for instance; I had to leave work early because my son got in trouble at school and they want him picked up. In my old days I... well, first of all wouldn't have a son to pick up, second of all, wouldn't have a job to leave, third of all, wouldn't have a car to drive to pick up my son with!

So, well in reality, today just would not happen!

But if I was still drinking, and if I had the job and the car and the son, I would most likely stop at the store to pick up some wine first. Then call everyone in the book and bitch about it! Then I would have blamed myself for the entire situation and sat on my pity pot wallowing in how the world is a horrible place and I am a horrible person! I would have turned it all onto myself, totally forgetting about my son. I would have drunk myself into oblivion I am sure, and I would not be able to take care of him.

Or in the second scenario, that I actually had a son, but not the job, or the car, I would have most likely been too drunk to pick him up - after all it is Friday and after noon! -  and I am sure I would have been at least on the first, shoot, probably the second bottle of wine. Ha!

But today, I am sober! Yey!

And I am on my way to pick up my son...

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