April 17, 2012

4 Years Sober!

This is quite amazing. I have to still pinch myself to make sure that it is real, because at the end of my drinking I thought I was just hopeless, I was never going to get sober and I might as well just die.

But here I am. Four years. I never thought I would be so excited haveing lived life for 4 years, totally sober. And loving it! This is truly amazing! But I didn't do this alone, AA has saved my life! My sponsor has carried me when I had no clue how to live and my HP looked over me as I struggled in my early sobriety.

And this journey has not been without hardache; especially hard time dealing with my mom's death this past year. But in this short time, I managed to go back to school, get a great job, get married, buy a house, have a baby. Things that I thought were absolutely unattainable for me when I was drinking.

My favorite example of how sobriety can work in your life is my current job, which I absolutely love. I started there as a temp and it was so boring, I mean really boring in the beginning.  But I decided that I would come to work on time, every day and do the best I could. After 6 months they hired me on as a Website Content Developer and a year later I become the Project Manager.. How did I accomplish this? I showed up! Really. I had no expectations and I did not do anything special. And all those times I was chasing after the top of the ladder at all my other jobs, I got no where; but always hangover or drunk or thinking about drinking did not make for a quality employee. But when I sobered up, showed up and become a worker among works, things started looking up.

So here I am. 4 years sober. And happy. There was a time I could not imagine this life, now I can not imagine going back to my old life. So I'll keep coming back! 

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