May 18, 2012

A Better Way to Live

Mother's day was a bit strange. Bittersweet I guess. I thought about how I dealt with her being sick when I was drinking. It was bad, I just got drunk, pushed the feelings down into my gut and pretended that it was not happening. And I drank, made excuses for my behavior, and hurt people. No one questioned my behavior, they just assumed that I was dealing with it the best I could.

And I guess I was doing the best I could, because I had no idea that there was another way. I mean isn't that what you see others do? TV is the worst. People get drunk anytime there is something bad going on.

But I come to AA and I get sober and I learn a new life, along with new skills. So when mothers day come and I was feeling down I knew exactly what to do. I reached out for help. I talked to people and went to meetings. I and still amazed that drinking did not enter my mind. That I found a better way to cope, that I was able to get thru the day and turn it into a positive experience.

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  1. That's what we do. Or did, I should say. Drink to avoid or to deny our feelings.
    T.V. can be the worst trigger. Everywhere you turn, people are drinking it up, having a great ol' time being drunk, getting into fights, acting crazy; and just reminds me of what I don't want my life to be ever again.


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