November 10, 2013

AA Gratitude Breakfast

Today I had a great pleasure to be able to attend the yearly Gratitude Breakfast sponsored by the district area group of Alcoholics Anonymous. I have never gone before and let me tell you, it was astounding! I mean what else can be said about 600+ sober drunks in one room - laughing and hugging like we had no worries in the world? Breathe taking! Empowering, fulfilling, gratifying? I don't even have enough words to describe this accurately at all!

The most wonderful part of this huge meeting, was the sober countdown, starting with an elderly man with 46 years of sobriety all the way to a man on his day 1! Tears were flowing out of me like crazy... Tears of joy! It's truly amazing to see that we can stay sober for 46 years! But of course the most heartwarming was to see the newcomer on his day 1 - the most important day and the most important person in the room. You see, it's not the time that is the most difficult and most amazing, it is that very first step when one makes a decision to get sober. Making that first step can open doors to a whole new life! Yes, it may be a bit scary and overwhelming but if you are struggling with alcohol you already know that story, that life is quite predictable - taking a chance at sobriety can't possibly make it any worse! Wonderful; things happen in sobriety and with time you won't even believe how amazing YOUR life can truly be! 

So, I am filled with joy and gratitude. This breakfast with 600+ sober people really made me feel safe and at home; nowhere else I feel this way. I am so very grateful for all the people in the AA fellowship, they have saved my life!

November is the month of gratitude!

As I mentioned in my last post Month of Gratitude, here is my list for the past week:

Day 2: I am grateful for not sleeping this beautiful Saturday away because I am hungover.

Day: 3 - I am grateful to be able to spend fun time with my family instead of avoiding them.

Day 4: I am grateful for all the people in my sober network who help me along on my sober journey every single day.

Day 5: I am grateful for being able to cuddle on the couch with my son tonight.

Day 6: I am grateful for the awesome people in the sober blogosphere.

Day 7: I am grateful for having the courage today to speak up for myself.

Day 8: I am grateful for my day off, by myself, for myself and sober.

Day 9: I am grateful for my family and friends who made date night possible.

Day 10: I am grateful for an amazing sober birthday spent with some amazing sober people.

What are you grateful for?


  1. What an awesome post! Made me think that, in a sense, we're all on our day 1 because it truly is 1 day at a time. :-)

    1. Hi Al! It sure is, every day I can either drink or stay sober, its a choice I make very day, one day at a time! This was definitely one of the coolest AA events I have been to. Just amazing. Thanks for stopping by Al!


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