November 1, 2013

Month of Gratitude

I have been going thru some shtuff and I am grasping at things out there to make me happy; I am looking for more, for better, for greater! Spinning my wheels and going nowhere!

Sometimes I wonder where that comes from, I have everything I need! I have a great family and a good job and a car and a house, all things that I never had until I got sober! How amazing is that! But I go through these times when I feel like me and all that, is just not enough. Others are better and have more! All I can figure is that this is ego driven. My ego thinks I should be more and have more and strive for more! And that same ego, I know, will lead me to a drink.

So I have been talking and listening to my amazing AA family and I have been going to a meeting held at the local shelter. It's a sobering reminder of where I was before I got sober, well I didn't live in a shelter but I sure was close to being homeless. But the people there are always friendly. I tend to try to do some small talk with them, which I am not good at, but in hopes to give some support and show care and hope, I make myself do it anyways. And guess what? It fills my heart with joy, because I am learning way more from them than they are probably learning from me.

And here is the key I have figured out: it really is all in the perspective and it is all within us. I found that people at the shelter can still be hopeful and joyous. They still keep their heads up and look to the future with positive eyes. And here I am whining about things I don't have! Blah blah blah...

I am truly learning. Life has become good in sobriety and sometimes I forget where I came from. I start taking things for granted and forget the gratitudes. So my friend told me that November is the month of gratitude, which is something people do on Facebook; once a day they post what they are grateful for. This is some perfect timing for me and I am going to do it!

I'd like to also post here. Once a week I will post my list for the past seven days. I would love to hear from you too, we can keep inspiring each other! I am going to start today with what no doubt, I am the most grateful for:

November 1: I am grateful for my sobriety!

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Definately for my sobriety!!!!!! I cannot believe how much my life has changed for the better since I got rid of the wine. I am sooooooooo grateful that I had such overwhelming guilt that forced me to give up because only by giving up have I discovered how wonderful life is without alcohol! Also am grateful for the fact it's bed time for my boys and I will have a quiet house to relax in soon! And grateful to lovely sober bloggers like you for writing and sharing your journeys. Take good care xxx

    1. Thank you Mrs. D! I am so grateful for being able to read about your journey, amazing journey! It's so awesome to be angle to connect to people around the world and see that in so many ways we are all the same. And I love the times I get the tv to myself! I hope you had a splendid night and thank you so much for stopping by. Hugs!

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  3. So many things to be thankful for! Every night i write down something i have now because of sobriety and i never have to think too long or hard to find one. Like today, i'll put i'm thankful that i'm cheerier than i ever was, and that it's not as embarrassing as i'd always thought. :-)

    1. Yey Al, better cheerier than not, I say! I am grateful for your awesome blog that inspires me and makes me LOL at times! Thank you.


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