August 17, 2011

My Drunk Log

I usually start my story about the time I got my DUI in 2001, but looking back now, I can see that even before then I didn't drink like other people. But I just believed that I was just a party girl, I was the life of the party, I was just having fun! And lots of it!

So I got a DUI in 2001, I blew .25, over 3x legal limit, the judge gave me 5 days in jail, no license for a year and an order to attend ASAP (Alcohol Safety Awareness Program) and ADS (Alcohol and Drug Service) classes and AA meetings  Hefty right? But I didn't think much of it, though I just got busted cause those f-n FFX co cops are A-holes and...well damn it, those were my consequences. I took vacation from work and went to jail, I sold my car and learned how to use public transit. Then I attended all the classes and few AA meetings and I was done. But I kept drinking, even though I had to take numerous breathalyzers - I actually learned in ASAP how long it took for all the alcohol to get out of your system - whoot whoot! Ingenious I was! So I would drink around the times I had to take a breathalyzer, I mean really I was tooo smart for that shit. Lol! And I never though for a minute that my drinking maybe out of control, that this was not normal, I mean I got a DUI! It's a badge of honor! Everyone had a DUI, didn't they?

Yes I was to smart for this shit, I had firm convictions! You know where those convictions got me right? Jail!

I earned my seat in AA! And that was just the beginning cause I did not get sober till 2008, so there is more of the story to come! Lol!

For today, I am grateful to be sober and I am continuously reminded what life was like and how empty and alone I felt when I was drinking. Today I don't have to live or feel that way anymore.

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