August 5, 2011

It's All in the Perspective

Feeling sorry for myself yesterday...ugh trying to snap out of it.

So I pick a the newspaper for the ride on the metro this morning. I usually don't but this morning I am having a hard time not dwelling on everything that's going on and last night I really felt like drinking.

So I open the paper, hoping for something lite to read, and there it is on second page a Somalian woman with her hands on her face and the look of pain and disappear ...she just lost four of her 5 kids from starvation and all in the last 24hs. Is this crazy! OMG! I can't even fit that in my head.
I live in such a little world sometimes, it feels like I am all alone in this world and things only happen to me. This is why I drank, if you had my horrible life, you would drink like me too! But as soon as I look outside I can see that stuff happens to others too. It gives me some comfort to know this, cause being a self centered ego driven drunk, I truly sometimes think that this all is only happening to me. Truth is that so many people go through hard ache way worst than what I am dealing with, I am not alone and I don't have to drink over it...

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