October 16, 2012

Alcohol Doesn't Discriminate

I ran into a man today, who I have know for several years. We have absolutely nothing in common if you just picked us out of the crowd. We definitely appear to be from two different worlds.  Except.... we are both drunks that got sober and are on the same train to work this morning. I had this though stuck in my head; is this a weird coincidence? There are so many different people in AA. Sometimes it is hard to believe that these seemingly normal people are alcoholics.  Sometimes I can't even image some of them as drunkards! But this disease does not discriminate at all. People from every age group, social, economic and ethnic backgrounds have been affected. And remembering some of  the man's stories from AA meetings, it's almost hard to believe that this man in a expensive suit, with a fancy briefcase is now working for congress! It is truly a miracle that we are able to get sober.  And when we get sober we truly are able to thrive.

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