February 6, 2012

Alcohol is Everywhere

Yesterday at my meeting a great topic was brought up. The leader shared about her house mate having a Super Bowl party, and how she was preparing to stay sober thru it. She only had about a year of sobriety and was still strongly craving the drink.

This surely brought me back. When I was newly sober I just couldn't go anywhere there was alcohol; and doesn't it seem like it is everywhere!? My cravings were so strong I swear I thought I was going to get struck drunk. And actually for good reasons. Thru my 4 years of relapsing I have gone to a store with no intentions to buy any alcohol and walked out with a box of wine. It seemed that once I acted on my craving there was no stopping me.

I had to stay away. The minute I decided that I was going to stay sober, I had to listen to my gut and be true to myself. If I felt uncomfortable or great, if I had a bad day or good, if I even though remotely I might want a drink I had to stay away. It was probably over a year until I was able to go to a store which sold alcohol. I just didn't trust myself.

Today I am ok in most instances and I always have a plan; someone to call or someone to go with. The Big Book says we can go anywhere in any situation where there maybe drinking, but we have to be in a good spiritual place and trust out feelings.

And after 4 years sober, I still don't think I could go to a Super Bowl party! Why? I just don't trust myself! I think it's the atmosphere, the commercial and the sense that you're suppose to get drunk at a Super Bowl party!  Well, maybe you're not suppose to but today I cherish my sobriety and I don't want to do anything to jeopardize it!

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