February 22, 2012

Happy Hour

My boss took everybody out for happy hour. I first thought I should just find a way to get out of it. If I don't have to be around drinking especially in a bar atmosphere I try not to put myself there. But somehow I got busy and forgot all about it and then it was happy hour time. Trying to stall, I walked over with my boss who left the office last.

Going to a bar for me is like being on a diet and having people eating my favorite cake in front of me! And just loving it! Ugh.

My boss ordered bunch of bar food telling the waiter "Two of everything that is not seafood, OK?". That's right she is allergic to seafood, very allergic, even the left over juices can make her very sick. She absolutely cannot be around anything seafood or based in seafood sauce or she might have a reaction and die.

Sort of like me... I absolutely can not have any alcohol. None. Or I might have a reaction and die. Seriously. When I was drinking, I never knew what would happen to me when I drank. Sometimes I was OK and sometimes I just blacked-out for the night and yet other times I would black-out for days. The alcohol might have not killed me directly but the things I did in blackouts and situations I put myself in definitely could.

About an hour later, as I was noticing people getting their second and third drinks, I decided it was time to go. Feeling a bit like I wasn't a part of the group if I left early, I decided that my sobriety meant to much to me to chance it. I cherish it, and know that it is easy to give it way and hard to
keep it.

Wanting to stay sober more than wanting to get drunk, I left. Happy.

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