March 1, 2012

It Is Not All About Me

It has been a weird week for me. Really rolling in the self pitty! Why you ask? No clue. Nothing is wrong. Except I seem to have these unbelievably high expectations of people and they keep disappointing me by not behaving the way I think they should. So therefore they must not like or care about me, and then one loves me and I suck! Damn head is so screwed up sometimes.

I can't seem to stop making things about me. It's all because of me, to me, for me, not for me, but definitely me,me,me!  I would really like me to stop it. Lol!

I hear in the rooms of AA that this is the alcoholic thinking. I am not sure that a agree, but I definitely am aware of it and how much time I am capable of spending, analyzing things, whether they are about me or not. And of course most of the time they are about me. Lol!

No, they actually are not. I really am not the center of the universe. And others do not do things just to piss me of or hurt me. And there is absolutely no reason to take everything personally. People do things based on their own believes, not mine. What makes sense to me may not and most likely will not make sense to others. Each one of us does in fact live in their own world!

Thank god its not all about me!

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