March 29, 2013

Life is Good Sober!

I got up in a great mood. Kids all listened this morning, and there was no yelling or arguing. I looked out the window and the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. LOL!

On the way to school I turned up the radio and we bopped to the music. I dropped the kids off and headed towards the commuter train station. Music still blaring...

And then, there it was, that thought: wouldn't it be nice.... sit in the sun, with a little umbrella drink... to relax and let the calm flow of the alcohol take over me... to feel as if nothing mattered... ahhh...

Yes, I still have those thoughts here and there; this is how I know that IT is still out there, waiting for me to let my guard down. Enticing my with its promises of "pomp and glory."

But I know better. I have been here before.

I have been swayed, I have taken the bait. AND, I know the truth... I have never drank little umbrella drinks! LOL! It was always barrels of wine or jugs of vodka! And it was not pretty at all, it was fast and furious!

Yes, it's a beautiful morning, I have a smile on my face.

                          Life if good!
                                                   TGIF! TGIF!


  1.'s amazing how the simple things in life can bring us such joy...sober. And we fully know what it's like to listen to that wee annoying voice that swings by now and then...and to swat it away. I get it occasionally and I don't give it the time of day. I know that what I am actually looking for is a deeper connection to my perhaps I am not spiritually fit - so it's time to help others more, or hit a meeting, or whatever. Because I don't do frilly drinks either - it will be a guzzing festival of 40 pounders of vodka. Not pretty.

    So keep it simple it is - bop to that music, enjoy the kids...and the Sunlight of the Spirit.


  2. Thanks Paul! You are so right... Probably need to hit another meeting or help somebody! :)


Keep moving forward!