April 13, 2013

The Evolution of Dance

Did you know that many AA groups have dances?! Yep. Sober dances. Sounds intimidating doesn't it? It did to me. Dancing was always something that was done drunk, or at least with enough of a buzz to have the "confidence" to dance!

I love to dance. Always did. I was a club junkie in my younger days and it always involved lots of drinking too! But sober dancing seemed impossible. Why? I always wondered why something so natural was so hard to do when sober! Were people going to laugh? Was everybody going to stare. Was I going to be able to keep my rhythm? Was I going to look cool?  Lol! Yep, worried about looking cool! Lol! I wonder why I never worried about that when I was drinking. I mean I know alcohol was giving me liquid courage, but it I never questioned my ability to dance drunk! lol! And if it is hard to walk and talk when drunk, I am sure dancing was not so easy either, or pretty. Lol! But yet I did it. Most of the time not so gracefully; falling down, and stumbling but I was always the first to suggest dancing for an outing. I was always the first on the dance floor and the last to leave the club... Well, if I made it that long, without being belligerently drunk and having to be carried out or something. Good times! NOT! 

So the Spring Sober Dance is coming up in few weeks. I am really excited. I can't wait to hang out with some sober folks and boogie the night away! And have some needed fun with my husband! Yep, he likes to dance too! (I am a lucky girl!) I get this awesome feeling from dancing. I get to laugh and have fun. Yep, sober I actually feel more fun! A natural high! Lol! And I don't have a hangover next day and I am not trying to figure out what happened. These are the good times!

P.S. I do think sometimes that maybe we are a bit old... but what the heck, is there an age limit on dancing? I think not! :)


  1. A dance sounds fun! I hope you enjoy.
    I'm not sure I'm brave enough to dance sober in front of others yet, LOL, but I know I enjoy dancing around the house with my dogs. It's a great stress-reliever!

    1. Lol! Thanks! Yes, dancing around the house is definitely one of may favorites!


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