January 13, 2013

Alcohol is All Over the Place

Seriously, alcohol is absolutely everywhere, or at least it just seems that way to an alcoholic. Lol!

So my husband and I went out to dinner, to the local Italian restaurant.  As we walked in, we got hit with the overwhelming sent of bread and wine. Go figure, two of my favorites!

Once we got seated I asked the waitress to take the wine glasses of the table and told her that we don't drink! Ha! I can't believe I actually said that. That was a new one for sure. Usually I would just not say or do anything! Then when the waitress came back with our drinks, she threw two coaster on the table, and guess what was on the coasters!??! Yes, a picture of a WINE bottle! Ugh. And of course the people next to us were drinking too!

These are the time that still make me feel uncomfortable. I wish I was normal, I wish I could sit in a restaurant and have a drink, I wish it didn't bother me that alcohol is everywhere.

But I can't sit on those feelings. I have to turn them around. I have to be grateful for the life I have now and remember how my life was when I drank. And sitting at a nice restaurant, having dinner, sober is way better than drunk on the floor of my kitchen!

After dinner, we decided to stop by the coffee house and we ran into some friends from AA. It was awesome, we shared our dinner story with them and laughed about it all!

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