January 18, 2013

Missing the Happy Hour

Ah, the happy hour, how I do miss thee.  Actually, maybe I don't.  As my coworkers once again were gathering to go to happy hour, my mind went down memory lane.

Happy hour in my later drinking used to be a daily event for me. I do actually  remember when it changed from 3 days a week to 5 days a week. I remember wondering if that was normal, I remember questioning if others did that too. And I remember wondering if you're just suppose to go to happy hour after a bad day, cause it didn't matter to me, good, bad, indifferent. I just went to drink!

But today, for me to go to a bar is like being on a diet and sitting in a cupcake shop! I just get all irritated and resentful that they can and I can't. Well I always can, and I have gone in the past and I ended up beating myself up that I went  and I was feeling miserable afterwards.  What's the point? And it's not safe either cause one of those times I might just decide to have one! And one is never enough. I don't drink like other people. Once it's in my body I am off to the races. And I just want more and more.

So it's ok that I don't go, because for today I choose not to drink!


  1. For some reason I don't mind sitting in the bar or restaurant or at the party or wedding or whatever and not drinking. I mean, to be honest it's always a little tricky right at the start when there's that fission of excitement when the booze first arrives.. but after that when things have settled down I don't feel left out... can chat and laugh along ok (until people get really pissed then it's just boring and time to go home). I suppose if I'm honest sometimes I'd just rather not go out and be at home and I do that now and don't feel bad. But if I'm feeling happy and want to be with the people involved it doesn't matter much if mine is a lime and soda or energy drink and there's is booze. And I do love driving home, boy do I love driving home! And waking up in the morning!! Sorry, this is long. Just popped over to say hi xxxxx

    1. No problem, thanks for the comment! I think it's just the bar atmosphere for me, I've gone to weddings, parties, even a concert, but something about a bar...here in DC, bars do not have to serve food or even have a restaurant with it, so it's just sitting and starting at bottles all around, I don't know it's just too much. And driving home sober and no hangover is definitely a great feeling!


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