January 25, 2013

How Do You Survive Friday's Sober?

Friday! Best day of the week! Right? There is something in the air, can't quite explain it; Friday just has a certain vibe of excitement! I used to live for Fridays and always went out or went to a party or ...well, definitely drunk! Because Fridays always seemed OK to get drunk and be obnoxious! There we no limits!

And my drinking had no limits either! I think drinking on Friday made me feel like I was OK, like I did not have a drinking problem cause everybody else got drunk too! (Hmmm...did they?) BUT I relapse on a Friday, I got my DUI on a Friday, I wrecked my car on a Friday. I am not sure if everyone else did too~!

So when I was getting sober, Friday was the hardest day of the week for me. While everyone was buzzing about their Friday endeavors and setting up happy hour and making plans for weekend fun,  I would have to go to a meeting, and then I would have to sit on my hands for the rest of the night just to make it thru without drinking. Seriously, I was counting down the minutes to the end of the day; till midnight when stores stopped selling alcohol and 2 am when bars closed! My cravings for drinking were just so crazy strong!

Now that I am sober, I still have this excitement feeling about Friday! It's still TGIF! But now, I have learned to deal with it in a different way. Now we have family night on Fridays! Whoo hoo! We play Wii or watch movies or bake cookies or paint or whatever. Having fun on Friday, and sober!

I have also found this awesome page with a list of

100 Fun Things To Do Sober

Check it out HERE.


Keep moving forward!