February 21, 2013

Drink Responsibly

Such an oxymoron! Well, at least for me LOL! Every time I hear that expression I wonder if people are actually able to drink responsibly. I suppose the normies are. And for a long time I tried to drink responsibly and I was some what successful at it. I would ration my drinks, I would have few before I went out so I wouldn't have to drink too many at the bar, so I wouldn't get drunk. I always had a cut off time on weekdays, it was 10pm, but after few drinks it always got pushed a bit...to 11 or 12. I only drank wine. I didn't mix alcohol either, even if I was drinking white wine I always continued with the white. For a long time I though I could control the alcohol! I mean me powerless over alcohol?

I. Don't. Think. So!

But it become a viscous cycle, I would spend few days controlling my drinking and then satisfied with my "experiment," I felt that it was OK and I would drink a little more and then a little more and then who knows. Then after an out of control drunk episode I would swear it off for ever and stop drinking. But after a few days sober and feeling pretty good, I was again satisfied with that experiment, (cause I didn't drink so I am not an alcoholic), and I would decide that it was OK to drink again. In my late drinking those periods of controlling and sobriety become shorter and shorter and by the end of my drinking, I didn't see any point in trying to control it; by then I knew what the eventual outcome was going to be, every time.

AA Big Book, Chapter 11, pg 151.
Early in sobriety my sponsor would say to me, if you don't drink you can't get drunk. I thought blah blah blah. Whatever, it's not that easy. But in fact, it is that easy. It is the decision before I take a drink. I have power to choose not to drink. I am only powerless over alcohol when I put it in my body. Now, If I don't drink I can't get drunk!

So drink responsibly, those who can! I have experimented with this idea for four years. My experiment has been concluded! Sober wins!

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  1. Yaaa...there was nothing responsible about my drinking..although I didn't drive drunk. (and that is normally what they are refering to) I guess as long as you don't get behind the wheel you are being responsible? HA!


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