February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day Sober

Well yeah, I mean Valentine's day, but I like calling it "V" day! I actually heard someone calling it V day in a quite negative connotation. :/ And I totally feel ya if this is not your favorite holiday; it can be a lonely day for many, especially if you're in the midst of your alcoholic hell as I was for many Valentine's days of the past. When I was drinking I seriously though that I would probably die drunk and alone. But after years of loneliness, I found sobriety and everything changed in my life. I no longer feel lonely. 

So, I was thinking that the V could be quite positive, it could actually stand for how I feel today:
Victorious - the way I feel every 24h I stay sober
Vibrant - the way I feel when I take care of my kids sober
Vivid - the way I feel when I wake up sober
Valuable - the way I feel about myself sober 
What does your V stand for? 

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